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I really need to carry a camera...

So tonight, on the way home, I saw a bush in sort of the middle of the berm.

Not where bushes normally are, but smack in the middle of concrete. And it totally looked like the Bugs Bunny cartoons where someone ducks into the shrubbery, then tiptoes around with it when they're trying to hide. And it made me laugh my ass off.

Someone was totally sneaking across the road, and stopped when they saw me coming. I know it. Heh.

No guilt trips on any of y'all. Just making sure you weren't dead, since it got really quiet. Glad to know you're still breathin'!

Cheddar Theater tonight- should be fun- I need it after the mind-numbing day at work today. more details to follow


Blogger Steph said...

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it was me. you prob don't know this, but there's been an ice cream truck parked outside your house for the past few weeks. yeah, that was also me.


11:56 AM  

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