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G. Monkey Update

So apparently they weren't able to see anything in her MRI, but are waiting for one more blood test to come back. She's still in a lot of pain, and her eye's still being bulge-tastic, but for the moment, it's ok. Her mom and the dick came up to visit yesterday, bearing wygesic. Which she took, but it made her really itchy. Although I'd rather be itchy, with a break in the pain, personally...

She's going to see if she can get a referral elsewhere, to see what her deal might be. I'll know more on Tuesday.

In the meantime- I started working on Samus, but I'm making it in Araucania Nature Wool #25 (a nice warm red hand with subtle variations in the dye- very pretty.) I'm working on the bottom cable right now- about 20 rows into the first pattern repeat- slow going, but it's mostly because I'm stopping every row, staring at it- and saying "Holy shit, I am doing CABLES, yo." and how cool it looks...

I also picked up some laceweight silk/merino for a pittance (a pretty light lavender-y color), so I think I may find a pattern in the Enablers books (She's bringing them to work, perhaps, on Tuesday) or I may modify Branching Out to be bigger and turn it into a wrap... we'll see. Whee! (Anything to avoid finishing that damned tomato stripe scarf that I know I have to finish, but hurts my wrists, and saps my will to live. I HATE garter stitch. Hate. hate. HAAAAAAAAAATE.)


Blogger Jo said...

Er...I hate to mention this, but I've seen one case where somebody had a bulgy eye and a bad headache.

The guy had an aneurysm just behind his eyesocket that pressed on the optic nerve and shoved the eye out.

I hate, hate, hate to bring that up...but maybe a repeat MRI for Miss G?

Prayin' here, by the way.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Thanks for the prayers, Jo. They still found nothing conclusive in her blood work, but gave her a big ol' shot in the rear, and some painkillers, and her eye has returned to its normal location.

I'd still be a bit nervous about what it actually is, because there's no way your body just does something like that for no reason, but with shitty insurance, I don't know if they'll let her get a second MRI. At the very least, I'd gun for a visit with a specialist (and not just her skeezy family doctor).

Glad to see you're back from your Gabaldon-induced-seclusion!

9:42 AM  

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