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Now I know how the Simpsons feel.

#1. This is my 300th post. YIKES.

#2. I also feel very Dr. Evil, with Fat Elvis on my lap as I type. Heh.

#3. I think the interview went reasonably well, but I don't want to jinx it. The woman I interviewed with was very nice, and I hope I get bonus points for coming in a suit (a lined, heavy-assed suit) when it's 95 billion degrees outside with 300% humidity, while they're all rockin' the business casual.

I had all the answers she was looking for, and she was totally cool with not checking in with Bosslady. (I told her that I was supposed to be coming back after the annual fundraiser, but felt I needed something a bit more stable, and wanted to break that to Bosslady myself. Which isn't totally a lie.) She was supposed to interview me with the clerical supervisor, but that super was ill today, so I may have to go back for a second interview. All told, I've got another 2-3 weeks till I know anything for certain.

I will say that 2 weeks paid vacation after 6 months, 12 paid holidays, and (currently, but could change at the end of the year) insurance that I DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR that comes with $5.00 office visits, and 15.00 prescriptions after 90 days is like a freakin' dream come true. The only iffy thing is that there's a union (which I don't have to join, but I probably would anyway), which means no merit increases, only scheduled pay increases. I can live with that.

The cool thing is that I'd split my days- I'd start at the main office (say, in the mornings) and then after lunch, work at a nearby sattelite office (it's about a 5 minute drive, or I could walk, if I desired. Though, I think it's in a sketchy part of town, so I'd probably only walk in the spring/summer, when it's light out.)

Thanks for the mojo, ET, and for crossin' your fingers everyone. I'm really hoping this works out!

In order to pass the time a little faster, I think I'm goin' up home for a part of next week. I'll leave Saturday afternoon, probably, and come back here when the spirit moves me. If nothing else, it'll be cooler there. Plus, I'd like to go check out the cemeteries, and get some pictures, visit the old elementary school, and some of my old stomping grounds. Apparently the house I grew up in is up for sale again. In short, I'd like to do a bunch of stuff that I don't get to do when I'm up with family.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I'll keep the mojo up...it's half the length of the other ones I do and not at all confusing. Can't hurt, could help.

And congrats on the suit. Definitely bonus points.

4:51 PM  

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