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Well, for the moment I am still employed. After Wednesday's meeting, Thursday's complete and total assholishness, and Friday's snippy email, I thought for sure I'd tell her to shove it after she signed my paycheck.

Surprisngly enough, she was well-behaved on Friday.

Doesn't mean I'm not updating my resume this weekend, and looking for something else, but it means my Friday wasn't as bad as it could have been.

And I can't even really describe what was so bad about her behavior on Thursday, because unless you were there, no amount of text will describe the snitty, bitchy behavior that is fine if you're a teenager, but unacceptable in an employer. Combine that with expecting miracles, for free, from someone you've screwed over in the past, and insisting on sitting there and watching him complete the task, regardless of his own schedule... and you have just a very bad scene all around.

I ended up not going to Baltimore yesterday, because I was exhausted, and I know I'd be shitty company. Insert Alanis-irony here- I wanted to go home and curl up in a blanket cave and lapse into a coma. I ended up not falling asleep till 1 ayem, and still was up every hour or so, because silent bob's in her "i want a little friend" phase and is practically humping chairlegs, and the dog is itchy and noisy about it, and Alice, when she's not licking every scrap of fur off of her belly, and feet, is growling at Evil, and Evil, while still not peeing much, does like to skritch at every piece of paper within skritching distance, Mooj is so fat she wheezes, and amlette was dancing the tarantella on my kidneys and they ALL wanted to be in my room...

At least the lades at the codger corral liked their craft (foam rainbows, with streamers of shamrocks to hang on their door), and I'm going to take a sweet little nap this afternoon.

I may also pretend I'm about 7 again, and read the rest of the Little House series that I won on Ebay. (I got 9 of the books yesterday, and immediately read Little House in the Big Woods, Little Town on the Prairie and These Happy Golden Years- the first one, and last 2 in the regular set. Now I need to finish the rest and read the later ones.) I forgot how much I really liked those stories when I was younger, and they're still pretty enjoyable. Now I will have to read some Sinclair Lewis to follow up.

(Note- Sinclair Lewis is one of the coolest, now practically unheard of, American Authors ever. A lot of his books are still out of print, but Babbitt, It can't Happen Here, Main Street, and Elmer Gantry are simply wonderful. Then again, I also really like John Steinbeck, so I may not be the best judge... His level of detail is rich, without being too much, and there's a lot I can identify with. And if you really want to freak yourself out, with the events of 2000 and 2004 in mind- read It Can't Happnen Here. Scary shit, and that's all I will say.)

Have a swell rest of the weekend!


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Hope you are having a good weeekend! :-)

Best Wishes

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