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Lest you think the terrorists have won...

Wow. Sorry about the day in the basement there, Friday was actually quasi-busy.

Thursday I got to live the "A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine", with a stupid non-work-related task for Bosslady. (Lesson learned: Bosslady has zero time management skillz, and color copiers take forfreakinever.)

Friday was movie night! In a departure from our regular cheddar theater screenings, we skipped horror and went straight for plain old terrible.

The backstory...

Right before G. Monkey got married, we bridesmaids decided to have a night out. It wasn't an obnoxious veil/condom/whory kind of night, just a "lets go to Baltimore, get drunk, dance, and have a really great time" night. Well, in the hotel, as we were getting ready, the movie PootieTang came on. We were mesmerized by its awfulness, and vowed that night to watch the movie on the anniversary of our girl's night out, every year. (we didn't watch the whole thing that first night- just a snippet, which is rather crucial.)

Fast forward two years. Every time we get together, we forget to rent the damn movie... so... last night, BiggieShortie, the maid of honor, came down to visit. I had some advance warning, and made some snacks, and rented PootieTang. The Professor and Horsty came over, and we watched a little Chris Rock (Never Scared, the official Christmas Morning Viewing at Casa De Sauce) and then... we watched the incredible pile of shit that was... PootieTang. It was funny, but boy... oh boy was it baaaaad.

We had a great time though. :)

Today I got called in to work at the codger corral (I couldn't say no, with my mother standing there, because I used to beg her to go in to work all the time, and the Administrator is someone you just can't bear to turn down). And, because it was less than 8 hours notice, I got weekend differential PLUS an extra dollar an hour. So basically, I got paid more than I do at my real job, to sit at the front desk, sew on plastic canvas hearts, for the activities department to turn into pins, and catch up with my favorite residents.

One lady is so sweet- she moved in right when I first came back. She was pretty depressed (a lot of the new ones are at first), and so I'd always make an extra of whatever craft I made that week, and take it down to her. (Bonus, she lives in the room next to the front desk) We hit it off well, and she comes down to crafts now too. She was thrilled I was in tonight, and even brought me a coke. :)

I got to see one of my secret elf ladies too(we all picked a resident or two to surprise at christmas time)- she stopped down and we talked for a while. Even the lobby ladies missed me. I was surprised! I haven't worked the front desk since before Thanksgiving, and even then I was just the fill-in. We had a great time catching up on the corral gossip, and cracking jokes.

I fear I've been rather boring the past few days, but...them's the breaks. I think I'm going to go up stairs and watch Anchorman, and snuggle a cat. Winter means that Amlette comes inside (she hates the other cats, but not enough to freeze her ears off)and sleeps in my room. I take full advantage of that too.

Hope your weekend is swell...


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