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Friday Night we were supposed to have Cheddar Theater, and almost succeeded. A passel of Art Students decided to "open a gallery" in the space above Horsty's apartment. Friday must have been the opening. Horribly bad art, and worse manners abounded. There's no plumbing upstairs (Not sure why not) and most of the inebriated gallery attendees decided it would be a good thing to pee off the fire escape. And for a while it was. Until someone dribbled on Horsty when he went out with the Professor for a smoke. Then it was time for fisticuffs.

Which is when G. Monkey and I made our exit because the movie was bad, the vibe was bad, and we'd both been up since five ayem.

So... yeah.

The birthday party rocked. I ended up not getting what I had thought I'd get. I picked up some Kevin Henkes mouse themed books (everything else seemed a little old, but she is STILL getting "The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish" in a year or two, or a tad too... girly.) I'm getting senile- I can't remember what I have bought her- She needs some Richard Scarry, but I can't remember if she's got him already or not.. heh.

I talked to The King of Graphic Design, otherwise known as my goddaughter's dad, and he has some great ideas for publicizing/setting up a business based on my giftie baskets/boxes/assemblages. Heh. (The capper was the "Cake" I made them out of sleepers, blankies, and other necessities for their youngest daugher's shower.) I'm going to sit down with him and see what we can come up with, because I really like the idea of putting some things together for boutiques etc, and eventually becoming my own psychotic boss, instead of working for other crazy people.

Made some valentines today with G. Monkey, and whipped up my infamous zombie-brain dip for the game tonight. (OK, Spinach and artichoke dip, minus the artichokes, because the grocery store was out...) Huzzah.

Relating to nothing other than a conversation with The King of Graphic Design...
Apparently this guy I had a huge "thing" for, (who was the Best Man when I was Maid of Honor at the King of Graphic Design and Most Perfect Mother Ever's wedding)is moving back to town. Heh.

See, Catfish Man (so monikered for his facial hair choices)also seemed interested, but happened to have a slight problem. Namely, he lived in Ohio. With his exceptionally uberbitchy dramaqueen girlfriend. But we got along like a house on fire when he was around and she wasn't. (Not that we ever did anything inappropriate, when he came around to visit because, no.) Had he lived here, and wasn't dating her, something probably would have come of it. It's been probably... five years? Maybe closer to six, since I've seen him. It'll be interesting to see what happens when he gets back in the spring. (Though we have it on his mother's authority that he has indeed - a direct quote here from his mom- "Dumped that awful bitch". heh.) Who knows.

(Insert your own version of my rambling about how being single is good, yet after holding King of All Graphic Design and Most Perfect Mother ever's completely charming, and ever so round 4 month old, perhaps moving into the position where one of those could be mine, could be an intensely rewarding thing, all claims of probably being a horrendous mother aside. If nothing else, settling down would be rather swell.)

And on that note, I'm going to go make some chocolate dipped strawberries, and stuff, and get bitchy about valentines day.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Because of the celibacy, I am totally OK with V-day this year. My HS friends are all married and not too into the whole thing, so we've declared it "Eat Chocolate And Watch Crappy Films And Play Scrabble" Day.

Glad DaNiece is getting TDITMDF2G. It RULES.

Odd that you brought up the big V and that book too because I have a story about that. Check my update.

Oh, and once you're a hot boutique name, you can start sending off your designs instead of doing them by hand, and then you can come work for TheNetworkOfSelling. We could use the class.

1:41 AM  

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