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non-VD PSA

Hey guys.

I know you're a philanthropic lot. Here's my one time to be up on my soapbox for a second or three. Sorta.

You're probably sick of seeing people with little multi-colored rubbery bands on their wrists. Lance Armstrong's to blame, his foundation has sold something like 31 million of them, so there are plenty of imitators. Normally, I'd skip it with this stuff, but... the National MS Society is selling red bands for $1.00 each. They have "HOPE" on one side, and the org's website on the other.

My goddaughter's mom, "Most Perfect Mom Ever" has MS. She was diagnosed when she was 20 years old, when she noticed her feet getting numb, and her vision getting wonky. Women our age seem to be diagnosed more frequently than others, though it can strike at any age. MPME is lucky, the type of MS she has (relapsing-remitting)has responded well to medication, and she has been relapse-free for 5 years. Other folks aren't so fortunate.

Anyway. If you have a spare buck lying around this paycheck, and you can pick one up at the local grocery store, feel free. If not, consider ordering from your local MS Society chapter, and help fund research so that someday there will be a cure.


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