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Damn, guys, I got nothin'. I just wanted to reassure you (all four of you) that I'm not deceased, and I haven't been pushed face-first into a snowbank.

Ellen and I "worked on my scarf" (coughcoughupdatedmyresumecoughcough) last night, and it's ready for presenting to the county's "fashionistas". Lets hope someone loves it lots.

I'm making dinner for Mister Baltimore tomorrow night. On the menu: Alton Brown's Badass Meatloaf (which genuinely is the BEST meatloaf I've ever made or eaten), My mashed potatoes of doom (plain mashed potatoes, mashed with cream cheese and a little sour cream, onion, and an egg, then baked in the oven), steamed broccoli and whatever looks swell at the italian bakery by my house for dessert. Hee. I haven't actually cooked for a date in... forever. I used to cook for Rob-the-cokehead all the time.

Should be fun. :)

Also, either the sky is falling, or we're going to get some snow today. I forget which, but the local newscasters are practically wetting themselves in ecstacy about something. I think it's the snow. Saves 'em from having to cover waterskiing squirrels, attack turkeys and other stupid stuff, I guess.


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