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Dear Bosslady,

If you yell at me that I should call you more often, because you're not usually near your computer and I email you too much, it would help if you'd turn your phone on, or perhaps be at home.

Just saying.

And if you're not going to be at home or available during a normal workday, when I'm stuck working from my house, maybe you should drop me an email and let me know? Because if I call your house, and your cell phone repeatedly, and you don't answer, then I begin to feel pretty frustrated and unimportant. Just saying.

Thanks for listening, Bosslady. I'll go back to working now, but I do need some input from you every once in a while, so I know I'm doing what you want done, and can have some semblance of pride in my job. Otherwise, it makes it very easy to begin perusing the want ads.



PS- Where are the check copies I've been asking for since early November?

PPS- My insurance is supposed to start in February, think you can get me the paperwork now, so that takes place when it's supposed to? It'd be swell to be able to go to the doctor to see if they have a name for what's wrong with me, and maybe even get my migraine meds refilled. Thanks.


Blogger luz de la luna said...

Why Yarr!? Were you feeling in a piraty mood? Nothing wrong with pirates! I brought myself a book about pirates recently. It's called Blood and Thunder! Yarr! Indeed!

6:19 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Pirates are always amusing. I don't know if it's the peg legs, hooks, or those studly eyepatches that does it for me. Maybe it's the parrots and the unkempt clothing... Sometimes it's just the fact that one needs to let out a good "Yarr!" and kill/plunder something.

Today, it was the latter.

8:06 PM  
Blogger luz de la luna said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaar me beauty! Indeed! :-D I actually got myself a book about tha history 'O pirates! Arrrrrr. Nothing better than having a parot on yea shoulder and letting out a YARRRRRR to make the world a better place and feel a whole lot better. Do yea know of "international talk like a pirate day?" feast yea eyeballs on this!



Best Wishes and happy new year.
Luz de la luna.

PS: Thanks for the visit to my blog :-)

10:49 AM  

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