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Monday it was a zillion degrees below zero.
Tuesday it was still chilly, but the snot wouldn't freeze inside your nose.
Today it was freakin' balmy- nearly 50 degrees.
Tomorrow we expect Rain, which will freeze on roadways in the afternoon.
Friday we expect locusts, frogs, and possibly blood from the skies.

I'll keep you posted.

Today I worked from home.

There is something to be said about rolling out of bed, and starting work without having to worry about pesky things like showering or putting on non-pajama attire (granted, I could go to work in my PJs at the office, if I really wanted to). Although it was a bit difficult to keep track of time spent working- it did all work out in the end.

If BossLady doesn't get the CPU down the twisty stairs of doom, I will be working from home for a longer time than I thought. Heh.

I left Bosslady a list of things I needed from her, so I can do my job tomorrow. They're not difficult. She needs to move the CPU so I can take it to the shop, sign several checks, and finish 2 items for mailing. If it's done, I'll be impressed as shit.


Other news: Is it groundhog day yet?

More later.



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