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Oh no they di-in't!

Sorry, I've been saying that a lot lately, and it amuses me greatly.

Is it really vindictive that our print rep and I have decided to start a "Dead Pool" for the Little Nonprofit That Could (make me want to gouge out my own eardrums)? Because, um. Yeah. We decided we should take bets on how long it'll last into the new year. The later it goes into the year, the higher the odds will be.

And yeah, I know I spend a lot of time on my former place of employment, but it's one of those train-wreck type things that just begs to be prodded at on a semi-regular basis.

The graphic design dude thinks it'll be gone by mid-year, I'm thinking no later than summer (and certainly not making it to the "gala" "planned" for October) I think once the "board of directors" (which has, until now, not had to work with FBD on an ongoing basis) gets down-n-dirty with FBD, they're going to run screaming, as if their heads were on fire. Heh.

In other news:

Note to movie producers. Cartoons do not translate well to live-action movies. Garfield? Well, it sucks as a strip, and it really sucked as a movie.
Fat Albert? Hey hey hey! The only time that was acceptable as live action was the infamous "Behind the Music" that SNL did. Big budget Fat Albert Movie? Not so much.

Also. Trailer for Tim Burton's Willie Wonka? Disturbingly delightful. I will actually plunk down cash to see this. (Although nothing- I repeat nothing will top the original.)

I also got a really nice indirect compliment about the columns I've been engineering for my boss. (I get a rough concept, and make it sparkle with my dazzling wit and mad writing skillz.) One of the people who read today's missives said that they were "newspaper caliber" which, granted, our local newspaper eats it bigtime, but I liked the sentiment.

I'm still in a pretty decent mood. It's Friday, my hair was semi-cooperative, I seem to have found good Sushi in Amish country (and I won't have to sell an ovary to get it), and I didn't freeze to death today. (Although, I should be bitchy, because I wore pantyhose for the first time in months today.)

I will probably be in a humor most foul tomorrow, though. I am going to brave the mall. On the last Saturday before Christmas. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! But it's the only place that has a store where I *know* I am going to find the nice black pants (skinny, but not too clingy, stretchy but with a good body, and easily hemmed) and possibly a cute top to wear to Boss-Lady's Christmas Eve drop in. (And maybe some bras, if they're on clearance. Say what you will, but if you're a bit top heavy, Lane Bryant makes the absolute *best* bras that not only fit, and make the girls do gravity-defying tricks, but don't look like they were made with I-Beams and concrete reinforcements. Usually the rest of their clothing is out of my budget, but I do love my biannual bra bonanza.) (sorry menfolk, you probably didn't need to know that much about my underthings)

Anyway, all that to say, braving the mall, finishing my Christmas shopping, and finding a tree should put me in an unbelievably bad mood tomorrow, so brace yourselves for full bore rant.

Until then.


Blogger Ghost of Goldwater said...

Glad to see you're back in bitch mode, where you belong ;o)
Personally, I think I'm on some kind of undeclared crusade to insult every single group of people, one by one. I guess the sad conclusion is that you're all idiots... 'cept for ME of course *nods*

9:47 AM  

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