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What Floats my Boat?

This does. Classic radio shows, with a holiday theme. Burns and Allen? Check. The plot to overthrow Christmas? Check. Bing Crosby? Check. LOVE!

Now, it still doesn't sate my creepy desire to hear some old skool Christmas hymns. (Yeah, the creepy non-church-going part of me is horrified, but I really want to bust out with some "O Come All Ye Faithful".) Then again, Christmas Hymns were always the best part of Christmas Eve services anyway. (OK, and the live nativity, because being an angel wearing a parka under your bedsheet is really cool.) Go figure.

Helped G. Monkey decorate her upstairs this weekend- that was swell. We had a good time swingin' to some classy Christmas tunes, and rigged up a really cool swag for her gigantic archway. (The architectural feature, not the cookie.) We've decided to have a Christmas Eve-Eve potluck too, and I know exactly what I'm going to whip up.

Rachael Ray's Christmas Pasta Oh yeah, Just go look at the recipe. I'll wait. For those of you who won't click- it's got Pancetta, Hot Sausage, Meatloaf Mix and all manner of other delightful meatage in it. I made a version of it yesterday, without the variety of meat (had only hamburger, and no wine) and it was still tasty, so I know the REAL recipe will be even better. And, since it's the day BEFORE Christmas eve, I'm golden.

I may even make the fudge in her recipe, although I have an idea percolating in my brain for something with caramel and walnuts that I want to try.

If you need a present for the foodie in your life, I will shill once more-

Anything published by the folks at Cook's Illustrated is a good thing. Trust me.

Alton Brown's I'm Just Here for More Food is on my Christmas Wish List, and I'm sure it's on the list of any other food-geek-obsessed person on your shopping list too. The first book- "I'm Just Here for the Food" was awesome, and has the best meatloaf recipe ever in it. It is worth it just for this alone, but Alton doesn't stop there. He also includes kitchen gadgets you can get from the hardware store, that do double duty and save you an arm and a leg. :) (Wow! Worst. Sentence Structure. Ever!)

Remember, I'm not on the payroll, but I probably would keep Alton or Christopher (from Cooks) in a Mayonnaise Jar in my basement (right next to Mr. Belvedere- and bonus points to anyone who catches THAT reference) if I were permitted.

Sauce Out.


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