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Cross your fingers

The extra ones that aren't crossed for MK's safe return.

I submitted a resume to the local newspaper, they need an HR assistant. I can do that job in my sleep- I did it for years at Borders, and at the Codger Corral, and trained new employees too. They have good benes (I mean, seriously- who still offers an employer paid retirement plan?) and free off-street secure parking, which is really effin' handy. They got the resume last night, so I should hear something soon.



Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I am out of fingers, but I have Ganeshes (Ganeshi? Ganeshi sounds cooler but definitely isn't right) coming out all the proverbial places, and he's the best employment hoodoo I've ever known. (We have a small one we call the Employment Ganesh because I've lent it out to everyone I know when they were up for promotions or looking for a new job.)

But CDHSarah has that one, so I'll sub in a green marble one, light an incense stick, and wonder if I'm crazy for getting an estimate from a pet detective about my MK. (I'd rather have him back than tattoos for the year.)

10:27 AM  

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